Honor your Ancestors
I do!.......Mr. T.
For so long my siblings and I were told that our great grandmother was
Cherokee. I have always wanted that connection but didn't have a way to
make that connection.  After being introduced to your tribe and observed
how sincere you are as a leader made me want to become a part of the
tribe as well as search for the evidence of my great grandmother being a
Cherokee.  I know that our ancient ancestors are from Africa; however
my nativity is on this land because I was born here and not in Africa.  I
want to know my native heritage history and feel that I can find it
being part of the Binay tribe.  I also want to share what I learn with
my siblings.  As an elder now at the age of 63, it is important to make
sure I leave the history about the family for the younger ones so that
they will know themselves and be proud of who they are. 
Clan Mother Fola

What I have learned since being a member of the Binay tribe is that we
as Cherokee Indigenous people of America is that we have a Rich history
that has been hidden from us as the powers that be are indeed the
foreigners on our land.they have tried to get rid of us through making
us citizens. What, and how we have to become a people of purpose and be
vigilant in learning law, medicine, law enforcement and developing the
way of life etc... our ancestors enjoyed as the way of life for us. We
have done this in the past,it's your time to shine Cherokee people,
today being acceptable Just doesn't cut it be proud be the best that you
can be for change that's is coming by Storm. Peàce and love

Oswald Nelson El-Pamunkey
To be a Tribal member of Binay to me means being part of a community of brothers and sisters who live and seek their authentic roots and connection with the spirit of our ancestors.

Laura Rodriguez
I give all honor and praise the the Father in Heaven and my mother in earth [🌏] for giving me life. I have journeyed a long way and would have never made it to this point without guidance and protection of the creator.

I feel relieved that I finally have a family and nation I belong to. I have never had the experience of cultural roots as an American.
It feels amazing and magnificent to know that I am a indigenous Native American. I always knew it was more to life than being just recognized and called a "Black."

It all makes sense to me to become a member of a tribe once I discovered I was more than just a plain ol "Black," This tribal culture and heritage that has taught me how to honor my mother and Father who are my ancestors.

Once I received the news of getting a membership into a Tribe, my mind instantly shifted into a new earth and a new life. I appreciate everyone part of this community and I hope to be of great service!
Wallace Louis Temple Bey
Recently I received my tribal packet, I felt relief and validation. As a child , I was told that I was a Native American specifically Cherokee.  This validation along with the information from genealogy research, DNA analysis and photos brings everything full circle.  I am looking forward to joining with other Black Native Americans and learning more about our my "Native" ancestry.  I am proud to be a part of  the Binay Tribe.
Your Brother in Christ,
Chief Harry L. Smith

Greetings !
I believe being a part of the Binay tribe is about love, respect and honor. Allowing oneself a way to "love thineself" and a "God-given" heritage regardless of varied opinions, fears and media. Being a part of the Binay tribe is about belonging regardless of blood quantum because it is known that we as a people have been scattered, ill educated about our heritage and about the mass- killings of our people. My grand parents and great grandparents tribes are still here with me and I am allowed to document and preserve this truth in love, honor and respect. Being a part of the Binay tribe is about my respecting myself and my family heritage without apologies for who I am or my aboriginal and native roots. It is about honoring my loving Creator, my family and me. It is an opportunity to preserve the lives of my family members who have "gone on" and also to represent historical truths that have been buried for years beneath lies, guilt and shame. Also, beautiful truth of aboriginal and native groups of people that lived and currently live with the pain of the past in an effort to forgive but not forget.
Clan Mother Tracie Johnson
Greetings friends and family, may the most high and the ancestors grant love, peace and happiness. It's an honor as well as it is a blessing to be accepted and well recieve to have the privilege of the binay tribe. To learn the culture and ones heritage gives a piece of mind, in knowing the ancestors bloodline pump through ones vains getting in tune; connecting to the roots from which one came. Learning to have respect and admiration is key to living. It is meant for my family and i to live out our lives loke how our ancestors have.. This is the manifestation of binay to us.. We are thankful to our tribe and chief. May the most high guide your path to righteousness, with spiritual insight to respect, love, peace and the pursuit to happiness. 
     Bidding love peace and happiness to all..... Arawak wind whisper.
Shane Ballesteros
Being illegally adopted by a white family, snatched from my biological family was devastating. Now I fee whole and with family true family. For years I had to go through this life trying to explain just because my "parents" were white that I was not. Not that that is a bad thing but my heritage is the most important thing to me. I would always do things the Native way and they would never explain. I was 5 when I was adopted so I knew what was going on. Every time I would say I was Native I would have to hear, "NO you are white"...that would anger me! So thank you for allowing me to be me, Cherokee/Cheyenne/Italian/Scandinavian I did a DNA test and it proved all of this. And when I saw all my half siblings with their Birth Certificates saying Native American, my doctored fake one said White....I got even more angry. Not because I'm racist, not a long shot, but this is MY heritage...I was tired of being ignored and neglected by the passions I had for my culture. 
Tresa Haywood-Senior Chief Marshal- Continental Marshals Service
Continental Marshals For The Republic

I am truly feeling grateful and blessed to know my true heritage right now. This has been a journey for me trying to figure out where I belong in this world.
I was born mixed raced and have been told from young that I was more than just black, so never let anyone try to pigeon hold me to one type. My father is Puerto rican  and my Mother was black and Indian I never really new much of my Indian heritage, because to many people either focused on the Hispanic in me or the black in me. After losing my Grandmother in November 2016, I realized I missed that Indian part of myself, so i started looking through my mothers eyes, however she took sick in January and passed away in June 2017. I discovered just before she passed Chief Eagle Feather and learned soon after that not only of my mothers Indian heritage but also of my fathers, I can not tell you how happy I now am and have a great sense of belonging. I feel whole and complete now. Thank you  
Arrie Noneya
Hello Chief, as a new member to the tribe I wanted to take time out to say that having a place to call home was so very important to me as I reconnect to my heritage. Over the last five years I have reached out to join more then three tribal organizations without success. The excuse was always centered around either, the rolls were close, family name is not on the last known roll that closed membership, or membership was refused due to not having direct linear descent.
Even after proving my native heritage through documentation and DNA evidence it was to no avail. These road blocks didn't prevent me from having a desire to have a connection back to my history. 
However, what I found interesting when I think about tribal problems is they all had one thing in common which was they wanted to be exclusive and instead of being a tribe they became like a country club. I have seen infighting become the norm instead of unity.  What is happening is a direct result l believe to those who want control. Their are those who will destroy because they can't have what they want. So to the Binay Tribe stay strong like our ancestors. Don't let others dictate who we are and we are stronger together.
Samuel Cook

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