Khalilah Ali

Honoring Black Indian Khalilah Ali Camacho wife of Legendary Boxer Mohammad Ali and member of the Binay Tribe. Activist, and spokes person. Shinning Bright and full of life and good medicine.
Blessings to you Mrs. Ali.

We love you
The Binay Tribe.

Black Indian Model and and Actress and Spokes Peron
Najibah Almahdi and member of Binay.
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Najibah Almahdi
Actress & Tribal Member of Binay

Black Indian Super Star James Brown, was of Native African and Asian Roots. Moved the world with his fancy footwork and exciting movements and jaw dropping songs, "I feel good"
Black Indian Warrior Rosa Parks Who stood up for all people of color by refusing to give up her seat to a privilagted white person. It is woman worriors like her we are free today.
Black Indian Warrior Harriet Tubman to replace the slave owner of the $20 bill.
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Beautiful Black Indian, Falishia Rashad
Father full blood Cherokee and mother half Cherokee. Shined in America as Mrs Huskstable on the Cosby Show.
Legendary Black Indian Guitarist: Jimmy Hendrick whos grandmother was full blooded Cherokee always proudly wore his Native clothing aka regalia at many of his concerts and shows.
BlackIndian Superstar!
Michael Jackson whos ancestry is Cherokee and Black. The world most amazing entertainer of all times. Shinned bright when he included Native Americans in His world Video and actually Danced with other Native Americans in the Video.

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