Chief Jerry Eaglefeather

Chief Eaglefeather Son of Chief Blackhawk San Carlos of the NYC Warrior Society. is an Apache/Mohawk.

Chief Eaglefeathers mother was of Afro-Cherokee and Irish Ancestry.

Body builder, & 10Th Dan Black Belt in Karate. Shaolin Teacher of Dragon & Tiger System.

Chief Eaglefeather Has been a Keynote Speaker at many schools and class rooms, including Universities and Collages.

Profile lists:
Minister of the gospel
Prophetic & Healing ministry,
Men's Traditional Dancer
Recording artist
Lead Singer
Story Teller
4 Music CD's
10Th Dan BlackBelt [training since age 3]
Co-Founder of NYC Guardian Angels Safety Patrols Feb 13th 1979
Founder of BIINAA 1989
Assistant Chief of the NY Warrior Society 1986
Lead Singer of Drum Group Eagle Circle Drum
Keynote speaker at University of Texas. 2000
Keynote speaker many NJ High Schools 1998
Peformer at Saint John the Divine Cathedral in 1986 A Giving Thanks to the Native Americans.Performing with R. Carlos Nakki And the Silver Cloud Singers.
1989 Theatre Reformer and Poet at the Theater in the Park in Queens NY. 1989
People Magazine  1980
New York Magazine 1979
New York Times 1989
New York Inquire 1979
BlackBelt Magazine 1999
[The Guardian Angels]
Front page Magazine Section of the Daily News.
[The Guardian Angels] 1980
TV Performances
Kids are people to.
David suskind show
TV Show 2020
Good Morning America
More information:
Head Dancer at many Powwows
Lead Singer at many Powwows
Accomplished Native Crafts man
Arena Director for many Powwows 2007
TV show advisor for Were Fighting Back "About the NYC Guardian Angels Safety Patrols 1980
Saturday Night Live Twin Clip [Chief and his brother}
School programs and performances.

And many other Shows, events, literature and other media and events to name a few.

If you would like to contact him for performance or sharing or speaking engagements please contact below.

Its my hope to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to my Native people no matter what tribe,  and to share my faith with everyone  who would listen. It is a joy to perform for children in schools and events and I like sharing dance, sing,  drum and play the flute and share stories of my heritage and how God works through everything that we have and everything that we do. And how Jesus Christ we call him Chief Cornerstone died on the cross and did the greatest Sundance for all of our sins. There we no longer have to try because He has done it all for us.

Glory to God in the Highest!
J. Eaglefeather
Eagle Circle Drum Ministries
Chief Eaglefeather is on the right with his arms folded. His Kung Fu School and members was the Guardian Angels. While Curtis Sliwa ran the Magnificent 13 group. Until the Guardian Angels out numbered the Mag 13 and Curtis Joined with the Guardian Angels who he now leads.

The Honorable Chief Jerry Monroe EagleFeather

On December 9th, 2002, a special signing ceremony took place at the Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City, Missouri, in the office of the Most Honorable Charles Quincy Troop, Missouri State  Representative. The purpose of this signing ceremony were to honor men and women who have made contributions in support of the struggle for civil rights and liberties of Missouri citizens in early years, and for those who have continued the struggle by making exceptional contributions within their perspective fields.  Upon recommendation, Jerry Monroe Eaglefeather, Founder and Principal Chief of "BLACK INDIANS & INTERTRIBAL NATIVE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION", was granted the prestigious  "CHARLES QUINCY TROUPE PIONEER AWARD", for accepting the ultimate challenge of service in support of Betterment, Equal Access, Equal Opportunity, and  Humane Integrity toward the struggle and cause of all citizens within the State of Missouri, this "Pioneer
Award" is with Respect and Acknowledgement of Courageous Service to your
Community, State, and Country".  Signed: The Honorable Charles Quincy Troupe, December 9th, 2002.

Chief Eaglefeather is a true pioneer within the movement and struggle of  Black Indians in North America.  The majority of programs addressing African Americans with Native American descent existing today are a direct or indirect result of the tireless and faithful dedication of Chief Eaglefeather.  Chief Eaglefeather is an accomplished Drummer, Dancer, and Player of the Flute.  He also writes and composes music and literature exclusive
to Black Indian culture and history. Chief Eaglefeather leads a  group (BIINAA) with ongoing membership  well in the hundreds. He serves a adjunct faculty/teacher for NACONM,Inc. , and serves as advisor to numerous clubs and organizations regarding the history and ongoing plight of Black Indians in North America. Let is be noted that Chief Eaglefeather was the only recipient of the Pioneer Award not living in the State of Missouri, yet his work and commitment directly affects the lives of the many Missourian who claim Black & Indian ancestry.  You can reach Chief Eaglefeather at [email protected] , or, at the BIINAA Wedsite at: and on facebook simply type in your browser.

"Elected Chief"

My name is Jerry Eaglefeather San Carlos Monroe.
My fathers father was Mescalero Apache from NM. And My grandmother who is his mother is Mohawk from Upstate New York. My father met my mother at Coney Island and they got married and had 6 children. My grandmother on my mothers side was Irish and Cherokee. Her father was Irish and her Mother was Cherokee full blood. My grandmother married a Black-Cherokee on the Tsalagi reservation. And they had 4 children, my mother Glades Mae Allen was one of them.
When I grew up I didn't want to be referred to as Native or Indian. Due to the embarrassment of the spaghetti westerns and the failures of Natives in movies, I confess that because like allot of Natives on the reservations today you ask them and they will tell you that they wanted to be the Cowboys. That one gun shooter in the movies that could kill 100 Indians with one hand gun that only had 6 bullets in it. And all of the movies that followed showed similar Indian defeats. Watching that on a regular bases sure made a spoiler to want to be the Indian. But my one hero was Geronimo. He has always touched my heart. He was a warrior for peace but he was a very mistrial war chief.
When I was younger I remember my father singing songs by Mescalero Apache Folk Singer Paul Ortega. I still remember all of his songs today. And I remember many of the Apache words that his father spoke to him.
Like the Apache: The people in our family were all Martial Artist. Even the Apache has a our own Martial arts. Warrior training begins at age 3 for the Apache and so it went on in our family as well. And so I began my training at age 3 also. My fathers name is well known in the Martial Arts world. He sits on the council of the world federation Martial Arts Hall of fame. His name is Grand Master Black Hawk San Carlos.
My brother and I started a Crime Fighting group in NYC in August 13Th 1979 known as the Guardian Angels Safety Patrols. It is now headed by Curtis Sliwa.
One day my father told me to grow my hair and so I did. I went through the 70's with the Afros and when that stopped being popular I just braided my hair as it got longer. Many people thought I was Dominican and so they spoke Spanish to me when they saw me. My hair was some what coarse but it grew long. One day my father told me that I was either black or Indian, but my response was that I was both. He said to me to chose one or the other. My response was that I told him that he was full blood but I was mixed blood. I was Mixed blood not mixed but not up, I knew who I was.
As time went on I embraced my heritage and learned everything I could about my people and other Native nations because I wanted to understand the struggle of identity that was deep inside of my soul that I had since a very young age.
In 1960 When I was born the US Government began to allow Natives to practice their ceremony's once again. And slowly the ceremonies and pow wows began to return. And the people began to heal.
As time passed I would learn northern and southern songs. I could sing with the best of them and I grew my hair long and was well received by many tribes at pow wows. I danced and competed and later started my own drum group called "Eagle Circle Drum Singers" We were very popular for many years in the North and the south. We hosted many powwows and played at many native events.
One day I saw some beautiful Black Cherokee people come into the Circle we were lead drum in NYC, they were from about 9 year old to 35 years old. I saw them as very beautiful people. They were mixed blood red-brown like me. They danced proud and they had long black straight hair. Their clothing was also beautiful. But while at the drum I heard a terrible remarks by one of the drummers and a few snickering about them being Black and Native. And I stood up and stopped them in their tracks. I said I am a black Indian as well and many of you might be as well. Not all of you are full bloods and at the drum there is no room for prejudice. As a hush came over the arena they apologized and asked me to calm down. It was my first experience to see full bloods practicing what they themselves,...... Racism! That has no place at the drum or in the circle. Those are sacred places!
In 1989 I started and BIINNA Black Indians And Inter Tribal Native American Association. It was the first Black Indian anything of any kind. And word got out that I was about to release a book on the subject however. A book was released entitled Black Indians a Hidden Heritage. So I decided to delay my book I am now witting that will be released soon. 
I feel that no one should not have to chose who they are if the Creator made that person both then they should be accepted as both. And not be made ashamed to share in their heritage.
It is a known fact that natives in the south owned slaves and many married and had Children. Those children are Black Natives. And there are many of the Hidatsa and Mandan  tribes in ND that marry many of the Black people and their children are beautiful and they are mixed bloods as well. They are BlackIndians.
In 1989 I was made a Chief of a Tribal group in NYC known as the Warrior Society. And in VA I was voted Chief or Tribal Chairman if you want to call it in Hopewell VA at the Tri-City Intertribal Native American Association. I was awarded the Pioneer Award by Governor Charles Quincy Troupe of Illinois and many other awards for my stand on the Subject of BlackIndians and for equality. In all the years that we have had The Binay Tribe I have been voted Chairman every year by our people. It is with this honor I lead the people of our tribe in success in sharing our ancestors heritage and our awesome legacy.
Chief Jerry Eaglefeather
The Binay Tribe

Listen to Chief Eaglefeather play the Native Flute by clicking here. And if you would like to see Chief Eaglefeather Dance the Warriors Dance the Sneak Up Click Here